Two Sergeants Brewing Co.
Two Sergeants Brewing Co.

Our Beer

17 Pounder IPA


Inspired by the WWII direct fire anti-tank artillery piece.

An easy drinking American IPA with a lower IBU. Packed with citrus flavours.

Passion d'Ale Belgian Wit


Inspired by the third battle of Ypres (The Passchendale) in WWI.

A traditional Belgian wheat beer, with coriander and orange

Blatchford Brown Ale


Inspired by the now closed Edmonton City Centre Airport (Blatchford Field)

A robust brown ale with toasted maltiness, and a smooth finish.

Coming Soon


Inspired by WWII Bomber nose art.

Incendiary Blonde, is a light refreshing, craft brewed blonde ale. 

Chinook Oatmeal Stout


Inspired by the twin rotor heavy lift military helicopter of the same name.

A surprisingly smooth and easy drinking stout, with notes of chocolate and coffee

Coming Soon


Inspired by the heroic Mexican Revolutionary General, Pancho Villa.

Our Belgian Wit, aged three months in Tequila Casks and blended with fresh limes.

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